307 Policy on Audits

From Ministry of Truth Civil Resources

§01 - Administrative Scope & Overview

This policy shall outline the process in which scripts and features of our community websites and other services are monitored to ensure that they continue to function without incident. This policy outlines the staff responsible for scheduling and conducting these functionality audits. For conducting server scripts and feature audits the responsibility shall fall onto Kommandant Jut. For conducting web-based feature & service audits the responsibility shall fall onto Director Zr970. The scheduling must be done on a monthly basis for items deemed ‘critical’ and bi-monthly for features deemed ‘non-essential.'

§02 - Scheduling of Audits

Audits shall be scheduled at randomized intervals based on if the items identified are identified as ‘critical’ which shall warrant a monthly audit and ‘non-essential’ items shall be conducted on a bi-monthly basis. The identified items shall be assigned a week of that audit period and responsible staff have seven days to test and identify issues related to the scripts.

§03 - Items to be Audited

Website Features to include but limited to: Development Page, Guide, Main Pages, Donation Pages, Forum. Server Features to include: Core gamemode, weapons, vehicles and any additional script tool or feature added. For a full sheet view attachment 7A.

§04 - Conducting & Documenting Audits

All audits must be conducted in a manner in which all aspects of the topic are tested and investigated for potential issues. Any issues identified no matter how trivial must be documented in the notes section of the bug tracker and assigned a separate issue number that is then linked to the audit. If the script is functioning all areas checked shall be documented in the notes section and the audit may be cleared. Anything that is extremely noteworthy shall be discussed on how to quickly mitigate the effects depending on the severity.

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