308 Policy on Membership

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§01 - Scope of Responsibility and Administrative Overview

DP 308 describes the subject of community membership of DystopianRP. It is the responsibility for the Director of DystopianRP to maintain effective policy and member management.

§02 - Overview of Membership

Membership with the DystopianRP carries many benefits that are not available to non registered users. Whilst DystopianRP is an organization that provides many services to the public free of charge, there are some benefits and services that are reserved exclusively for registered members of the DystopianRP per DP308 §06. By registering on the community forum one becomes a member of DystopianRP.

§03 - Requirements & Eligibility for Membership

Below are the minimum requirements to become a member of the DystopianRP community. Questions regarding eligibility should be directed to Jut : jut@dystopianrp.org

  • 14 Years or older for full membership. 13 years or younger may pledge and enjoy some benefits of membership but will not become a full member until they have reached their respective 14th birthday due to COPPA.
  • Must be a registered community forum user.

§04 - Revocation & Voluntary Withdrawal of Membership

While it is most unfortunate to see a member leave our community, we understand that certain circumstances warrant such departure. In the event the withdrawal is voluntary, the member must submit such request to the management of DystopianRP in writing either by Forum Message and or email.

In the event the membership is revoked due to abuse, rule or policy infractions the individual shall forfeit all rights and privileges to all DystopianRP services. This may only be done after due process has been given to the accused individual and the investigatory committee has found the member guilty.

§05 - Reinstatement of Membership

Former members who voluntarily withdrew their membership are eligible to be reinstated immediately provided they remained in good disciplinary standing. Reinstatement must be requested in writing to management. Re-instated members will enjoy the same benefits and privileges afforded to all members.

Former members who had their membership revoked due to disciplinary action as outlined in DP308.04, may seek to be reinstated as a member after one month has passed since the date of revocation. Such request must address the nature of their actions which caused them to be removed from the community. Re-instatement must be approved by all members of DystopianRP management and any involved parties that may have been impacted by the behavior. It should be noted that re-instatement following a disciplinary action is not guaranteed. If the former member is re-instated, they shall be placed on a probationary period of two weeks in which their membership status may be revoked for any cause or violation.

§06 - Rights and Benefits of Membership

Members of the DystopianRP shall enjoy access to the following benefits:

  • Member only upgrades i.e oil upgrades & other script upgrades
  • Ability to advance in RP ranks (Police & Fire)
  • Ability to obtain party status (Outer Party / Inner Party)
  • Ability to request prop spawning access.
  • Discounts on some purchased in game content.
  • Ability to run for Great Leader
  • Ability to take leadership of the Mafia or the Triad
  • Ability to be appointed as a Minister
  • Ability to vote in community polls
  • Access to member only sections of the forum
  • Membership status/rank on game servers
  • Ability to apply for staff positions
  • Ability to participate in Great Leader Elections
  • Access to bug reporting center
  • Ability to take leave of absence or vacation
  • Ability to participate in DystopianRP meetings
  • Special member only events
  • Membership rights & due process pursuant to DP3 08.07

§07 - Due Process

Membership Due Process shall constitute the protections afforded to members of DystopianRP from arbitrary punishment. No member shall be outright punished without a proper investigation and a public hearing in which the evidence & case is presented to support the charge against them. The exceptions are:

[A.] The event that there is an immediate credible threat to the safety, security, stability and privacy of the DystopianRP, its leadership and or members. Special action may be taken in such extreme circumstances, but a public announcement must be made to outlining such action taken and why.
[B.] Members may be banned from a server prior to the hearing for a period of no greater than ninety-six hours. The ban may only be enacted should the member demonstrate willful disregard for the established rules and or welfare of others.
[C.] Members may be banned from the website for any action or reasonable belief that their continued access to the website demonstrates a credible threat to integrity of the community.

A member may refuse the right to be present at the hearing or to participate in their defense. If a member refuses to be present or cooperate civilly during their disciplinary hearing, they are to be presumed to be guilty and forfeit their due process rights.

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