309 Policy on Staff

From Ministry of Truth Civil Resources


§01 - Scope of Responsibility and Applicably Overview

DP 309 describes behaviors that are unacceptable as well as acts unbecoming of a server staff member part of the DystopianRP. For purposes of this policy, moderator, admin and superadmin shall be referred to as server administrator, server staff member or a server administrative rank.

This document shall also explain the application process for each rank and the expectations and powers afforded to each level of rank within the DystopianRP.

IT should be noted that if DystopianRP has multiple servers for one to apply and be a staff member on. Every server manager has discretion to enact more stringent requirements and application process. This discretion may be overridden by the management of DystopianRP.

For questions or concerns regarding this the application process, staff regulations or any part of this policy please do not hesitate to contact Kommandant Jut on the Forum, Steam, Discord or by email: jut@dystopianrp.org

§02 - Statement of Equality

Pursuant to DP302 §02 the following statement of equality shall also be extended to the selection process for all staff positions:

DystopianRP [Dystopian Roleplay] shall condemn any action, behavior, or belief that singles out or attacks 
an individual or group on the basis of: race, religion, gender, age, national origin (ancestry), 
disability or sexual orientation. Staff shall strive to curate an amicable, peaceful and accepting group 
of video game players. 

§03 - Moderator Overview

A moderator is an entry level staff member tasked with maintaining the general order on the server. Moderators must exercise good communication skills to intercede and prevent issues from developing. Moderators are given the basic ULX commands to assist in their duties.

§04 - Requirements & Eligibility : Moderator

Below are the minimum requirements to become a server moderator of the DystopianRP community. Questions regarding eligibility should be directed to Kommandant Jut: jut@dystopianrp.org

  • 16 Years of age or older.
  • Must be able to communicate [written & oral] in English or have the ability to use a stable translator to do so.
  • Must not have an active disciplinary record on DystopianRP servers or website.
  • Must be an active community participant on the forum.
  • Be an active player on the server for a period of no less than two weeks.
  • Must pass an oral board interview with the management of DystopianRP.
  • Must be an approved member in good standing of DystopianRP community.

§05 - Admin Overview

An admin is a staff member with greater power and authority to influence RP as opposed to just responding to incidents and rule violations. Although admins are considered an advance level of staff they are still bound to enforce rules and assist moderators as needed. Admins may be directed to engage players and create special RP circumstances / events to keep them entertained on the server. Admins are given access to some of the ‘fun’ ULX commands and may spawn some special items.

06 - Requirements & Eligibility : Admin

Below are the minimum requirements to become a server admin of the DystopianRP community. Questions regarding eligibility should be directed to Kommandant Jut: jut@dystopianrp.org

  • 16 Years of age or older.
  • Must be able to communicate [written & oral] in English.
  • Must not have an active disciplinary record on DystopianRP servers.
  • Must be an active community participant on the forum with at least fifty post.
  • Must pass an oral board interview with management of DystopianRP.
  • Must have obtained the rank of server moderator for a period of no less than two weeks and be in good standing.

§07 - Super Admin Overview

Superadmins are considered a supervisory staff position tasked with not only enforcing rules but also overseeing the lower ranked staff positions under them. Superadmins have greater authority at creating special events for RP and may spawn more items to engage players. Superadmins have access to most ULX commands.

§08 - Requirements & Eligibility : Super Admin

Below are the minimum requirements to become a super admin of the DystopianRP community. Questions regarding eligibility should be directed to Kommandant Jut: jut@dystopianrp.org

  • 16 Years of age or older.
  • Must be able to communicate [written & oral] in English.
  • Must not have an active disciplinary record on DystopianRP servers.
  • Must be an active community participant on the forum with at least one hundred post and encourage others to be active.
  • Must pass an oral board interview with the management of DystopianRP.
  • Must have obtained the rank of server admin for a period of no less than one month and be in good standing.

§09 - Staff Application Process

[1.] Ensure that all requirements are met for the desired position.
[2.] Review the application template found in DP309.10 and make a post on the ‘Staff Applications’ board of the forums. https://www.dystopianrp.org/community/forum/administrative-services/staff-applications
[3.] Wait 36-72 hours for a response from the DystopianRP management.
[4.] Approval of staff status must be made by the respective server manager to which one is applying to.
[5.] Once approved the individual must become familiar with rules and regulations of the server and must also successfully complete the probationary period. DP309.20

§10 - Application Templates

Below are the approved application templates to use when applying to be a staff member of any DystopianRP server. It shall be posted on the Forums.

The New Staff Member Application is intended for those wishing to apply for a rank and do not currently hold a rank, I.e Moderator. The Promotional Staff Member Application is for those who currently hold rank and wish to advance to a higher rank.


DystopianRP New Staff Member Application 
*Steam Name : *Steam ID : *Age : *Nationality : *Which server is the application for: *How long have you been active on the community? : *DO you have any prior experience with being a staff member? If so please list the communities and approximate dates. *Have you been vac-banned? : If so from what games? *How often/When do you usually play? What is your biggest pet peeve of other admins?: (OPTIONAL) What made you decide to apply for a staff position?: (OPTIONAL) Anything we should know about you? : (OPTIONAL) Link to your introduction post: (OPTIONAL)

DystopianRP Promotional Application: 
*Steam Name : 
*Steam ID : 
*Age : 
*Nationality : 
*Which server is the application for: 
*Rank applying for: 
*Current rank: 
*What is your biggest accomplishment as a staff member? : 
*What has been your great limitation being an admin? : 
*Have you been vac-banned? : If so from what games? 
*Promotional Exam Score: 
*How long have you been a staff member with us? 
*How often/When do you usually play? 
What is your biggest pet peeve of other admins?:  (OPTIONAL) 
Anything we should know about you? : (OPTIONAL)

§11 - Rules & Regulations for Administrative Ranks

The following are the established rules that anyone who is an accepted staff member is required to follow. This includes, moderators, admins, superadmins, server managers and the owners.

I. You must earn respect of the players and members, merely being a staff member does not automatically grant you the ability to disrespect others. However you shall afford professional respect to fellow staff and superiors.

II. Always strive to create a safe, tolerant and fun gaming environment.

III. All staff are required to abide by all regular server rules and enforce them. Failure to do so is shirking your duties.

IV. For roleplay based servers : Most incidents do not require out of character admin interaction but can be handled organically as a role-play experience. Staying to RP is encouraged.

V. Being a staff member does not give you license to cheat, you are given special powers and ability to create a better space for everyone.

VI. Staff members are required to remain update to date on all policies, rules and regulations of the DystopianRP.

§12 - Leave of Absence & Voluntary Withdrawal of Rank

If at anytime a staff member has circumstances that requires them to not be active or have reduce availability it is urged that the staff member reaches out to Kommandant Jut or Zr970 directly to discuss the matter OR make a post on the community forums. Please note that your rank will be suspended while you are on a leave of absence, but you will have no loss of rank or privilege upon your return. The DystopianRP cares and is happy to provide support as needed.

A staff member may also choose to voluntarily tender their resignation of rank at their discretion. This must be done in writing. It may be done as a forum post, forum message or email to Jut: jut@dystopianrp.org

§13 - Pre-employment Background Screening for Staff

DystopianRP Administration reserves the right to conduct a background inquiry into a candidate’s previous experience listed on their application. The right is also reserved to conduct an investigation about the candidate’s habits conducted on the game server to ensure that a candidate is of suitable reliable character. If anything of questionable content arises as a result of the inquiry it is the candidate’s responsibility to be truthful and honest about the facts and circumstances surrounding the questionable behavior. Questionable behavior and even prior bans are not immediate disqualifiers, LYING IS.

§14 - Staff Abuse Overview & Defined

For purposes of this policy, staff abuse can be referred to as admin abuse, administrator abuse, and or abuse of rank. Additionally, for purposes of this policy staff abuse may be defined as:

An individual who is an active member of the DystopianRP Staff and has willfully committed an act that violates the terms & rules outlined for the service in which he or she is a staff member of, or has by act of deliberate indifference, failed to enforce the rules, policies and regulations outlined and as such has created a hostile or unpleasant experience for members or guest of the DystopianRP.

The DystopianRP has a zero tolerance on those who abuse their rank. However, it is important to recognize that all complaints against a staff member must have sufficient evidence to warrant such removal. This removal can only be done after such disciplinary hearing finds the complaint to have merit and that such punishment warrants removal of rank pursuant to DP309.18.

§15 - Procedure for Reporting Staff Abuse

1.] Document all circumstances and evidence surrounding the instance of abuse. Make note of other individuals, members or frequent guest that can verify the events. If possible, take screenshots and have log print outs of the situation. IT should be noted that it is illegal in some jurisdiction to record an individual’s voice without their knowledge or consent.

2.] The reporter may choose to submit a discreet report or a public report. Retaliation is strictly prohibited and shall result in immediate loss of rank:

A. A discreet report may be sent to Jut or Zr970 by email or forum message but still has to follow the same template as outlined in DP309.17. jut@dystopianrp.org. Upon receiving the email, the report shall be posted on the forums by either Jut or Zr970. The reporter will not be mentioned specifically, and their identity will not be publicly disclosed by either Jut or Zr970.
B. A public report can be posted by the reporter on the forum. The reporter must follow the template in DP309.17 and post on the ‘Disciplinary Section’ of the forum.

3.] Wait for up to a week while the investigation surrounding the events is reviewed and for the disciplinary hearing is held. During this time retaliation against a reporter shall be monitored. If there is such a case, the staff member shall loose rank immediately and forfeit their right to the disciplinary hearing. The DystopianRP has a ZERO tolerance policy against retaliation.

§16 - Template for Staff Abuse Report

Below is the current template used to report an abusive staff member. IT shall also be posted on the forum. *Required

DystopianRP Staff Abuse Report: 

*Staff Steam Name : Staff Rank : [If Known] *Incident Location : *Incident Date/Time : *Your Steam Name : *Your Steam ID : *Description of events : [Describe what happened] Witnesses : [Players/members who may have seen it. If applicable] *Evidence : [Log Print outs / Screenshots]

Questions involving this template or filing a staff abuse report may be directed to Jut or Zr970.

§17 - Procedure for Reviewing Complaints of Abuse

I. Review all information provided by the individual who submitted the complaint.

II. Print out and review logs for six hours before and after the specified time of the incident in the report. At minimum logs from an hour before and after the incident must be made public on the forums. HOWEVER, confidential information such as IP’s may be redacted at the discretion of the Kommandant. If there are more relevant sections of the server log discovered, those too must be made public.

III. Schedule a disciplinary hearing for the staff member after three days but not greater than seven days of the report being filled. This time is to allow registered users of the forum to comment and share information.

IV. The disciplinary hearing shall be held pursuant to DP306.

V. If the decision is guilty a punishment shall be determined which could include but not limited to loss of rank, server ban, and or removal from the DystopianRP.

There are exceptions to the above procedure when such situation warrants immediate action. As such management or their designee may enact immediate punishment. The following are the situations that warrant immediate action:
[A.] The event that there is an immediate credible threat to the safety, security, stability and privacy of the DystopianRP, its leadership and or members. Special action may be taken in such extreme circumstances, but a public announcement must be made to outlining such action taken and why.
[B.] Staff may be banned from a server prior to the hearing for a period of no greater than ninety-six hours. The ban may only be enacted should the staff member demonstrate willful disregard for the established rules and or welfare of others.
[C.] Staff may be banned from the website for any action or reasonable belief that their continued access to the website demonstrates a credible threat to integrity of the community.
[D.] The staff member has attempted or has retaliated against the individual who has reported or acted as a witness. A staff member may refuse the right to be present at the hearing or to participate in their defense. If a staff member refuses to be present or cooperate civilly during their disciplinary hearing, they are to be presumed to be guilty and forfeit their due process rights.

§18 - Staff Server Enforcement Policy [RP ONLY]

The current enforcement policy directive for all levels of staff is to focus on RP situations, meaning that if it can be handled organically through roleplay then allow it to be handled as such. Only interject when the situation clearly warrants such. Situations that warrant interjection are generally focused when a player or multiple players are attempting to disrupt fun for everyone. An occasional random death match does not warrant this, but someone who is prop killing or going on mass rampages does. Two players having a dispute because one was ripped off in a role play transaction also does not warrant staff action because this situation happens in real life and can be handled in character [by going to the police or acting out in violence against the player who ripped them off.]

Prop Related Incidents: Always look to the logs these will say who spawned what, when and in what time frame. It always helps to utilize goto and spectate to see how the prop/props violate the server rules. By utilizing a goto command it enables the staff to observe how the props are being utilized and allows one to verify if a rule infraction has actually occurred. Excessive discretion and utilize the AWarn system as appropriate.

Deathmatching: One of the major contentious areas that players will engage in. It is important for staff to examine the context of the killing. BLogs is a great tool for staff to utilize to examine and validating the classic claims of self-defense & the method of killing. Deathmatching by itself is not against the server rules, but mass deathmatching is. Mass deathmatching is disruptive to the roleplay experience for everyone whereas death matching can have contextual roleplay reasoning to it. Use discretion to determine if the killing was valid based on the contextual facts. Utilize AWarn system and progressive discipline to deal with incidents.

FailRP: A common all encompassing term used to describe when a player is not adhering to traditional expectatiosn, rules or guidelines on roleplay servers. The most important aspect when addressing accusations of failRP is educating players because most offesnses lack malicious intent. Most offenses of failRP are the result of inexperience or lack of familiarity with server specific rules by the offending player. As such it is important to use progressive discipline and attempt to counsel and educate the offender prior to using the formal methods of punishment, Awarn, kick and bans. This section DOES NOT apply to staff members of non-RP servers.

§19 - Probationary Period

All staff promotions shall be subject to a probationary period in which a staff member may subject to loss of rank, demotion or other disciplinary action without a right to a disciplinary hearing. While on a probationary period the individual has not secured the rank and merely is on a trail basis. This period shall be a minimum of ten days but not to exceed thirty days. Such length shall be determined on an individual basis at the sole discretion of the management of DystopianRP.

§20 - Hazing Policy

The term hazing as used in this policy and all DystopianRP Policies, shall mean any conduct or method of initiation into the DystopianRP, whether on steam, the server, the website, or in a physical location, which willfully or recklessly endangers the physical or mental health of any staff member or other person. Such conduct shall include whipping, beating, branding, forced calisthenics, exposure to the weather, forced consumption of any food, liquor, beverage, drug or other substance, or any other brutal treatment or forced physical activity which is likely to adversely affect the physical health or safety of any such staff member or other person, or which subjects such staff member or other person to extreme mental stress, including extended deprivation of sleep or rest or extended isolation.

Any staff member who participates in hazing or knowingly enables such behavior shall be subject to disciplinary proceedings, loss of rank and possible expulsion from the DystopianRP.

§21 - In-Service Training

All server managers and the management of DystopianRP reserve the right to develop ‘in service’ training for existing staff members. This training session can be developed by the respective server manager on topics that are felt to be important for staff to be refreshed on, updated on, et cetera. The training proposal must be submitted in writing to the staff member in charge of training for approval. In-service training may done at intervals not less than bimonthly and may not create an undue burden on staff members. There shall also be efforts made to accommodate all staff members schedules when providing training. Lesson plans and records of staff members who participated in the trainings shall be stored for administrative purposes.

§22 - Use of DystopianRP Emails

Any individual who is a Server Manager or ranked higher than superadmin may be eligible for a DystopianRP email to be issued to them. This email account is strictly for use for DystopianRP related matters. This email account is owned and operated by DystopianRP and there shall be no expectation of privacy or warranties of security whilst using the account. Failure to abide by the regulations of use will result in loss of privilege and possible disciplinary action.

§23 - Act Unbecoming of A Staff Member

Whomever is a staff member who behaves in a manner that is scandalous or infamous such as unbecoming the character of a staff member and gentleman shall be guilty of an ‘Act Unbecoming of a Staff Member.’ For purposes of this clause: A gentleman is understood to have a duty to avoid dishonest acts, displays of indecency, lawlessness, dealing unfairly, indecorum, injustice, or acts of cruelty. Any staff member who is found in violation shall face disciplinary sanction.

§24 - Server Manager’s Right to Amend

Server managers under the DystopianRP reserve the right to formulate their own staff policies and enact stricter or more rigorous regulations, application process, guidelines et cetera. A server manager however cannot enact a staff policy for their server that conflicts or is more lenient than this document. All discrepancies regarding policy shall be decided by the management of DystopianRP and shall be corrected upon the decision. The management of DystopianRP shall be the final reviewing authority.

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