Citizen: Frank Nostra

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Frank Nostra
Party StatusInner Party
EducationUniversity of Denmark
OccupationMinister of Love
OrganizationInner Party
State Police
Known forLaw & Order
Shiny Shoes
Height5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
PredecessorLady Roro (Minister of Love)
Political partyINGSOC

Early Life

Not much is known about Frank Nostra's early life although it is believed that he/she grew up as a prodigal son/daughter of a well off family, others say he/she was an unwanted orphan raised on the streets of some backwater city who made a living off of selling drawings of turtles.

Early Career

As Nostra came of age, there was a tremendous global onset of war and armed conflict. Nostra chose to remain neutral, though decided to navigate toward the allies to assist in fighting the axis during World War 2. Fighting against axis infantry, Nostra was a favorite of Field Marshal Jut as the two led countless victories against the nefarious Admiral Sean H. of the axis. Officers under Sean's command fell like dominoes, with the final blow struck when the two led an assault against Sean himself. Through a series of operations, including the sabotage of weaponry supply, a final victory was won when Sean was shot by Jut. After this victory, Nostra hung up his/her uniform and walked away from the army into retirement, having proudly served his country.

After the move to Union City, Nostra styled himself/herself as Don of the Eurasian Mafia; a notorious organization with its hands in the pockets of several industrial sectors. Nostra accumulated unprecedented resources and respect within the city. He/she often worked with law enforcement and government officials to bring down rival organizations, such as the Bratva. Nostra also worked to counter the growing degeneracy of unemployed homeless criminals that rallied behind a leader known only as 'Invisible.' Though he/she was often at odds with the Eastasian Triad, there were times when the two joined forces to combat the growing degenerate problem. When the Big Brother liberated the people and established a socialist utopia, seeing the potential asset in having the secretive Don of the Eurasian Mafia as a member of the Inner Party, Big Brother appointed Frank Nostra the Minister of Truth. Although Lord Jut led sweeping anti-crime reforms against Nostra's once allies, Nostra demonstrated true party loyalty. With Frank Nostra swearing allegiance to Big Brother and Oceania the organized crime family of the Nostra's ceased to exist and the Nostra's all became loyal party subjects.

Minister of Truth

After the rise of the Lord Jut, Big Brother approached Nostra with an offer, in return for amnesty toward the former Mafia Don, Nostra was to operate as the Minister of Truth. As Minister of Truth, Nostra was exposed to the corruption and greed inherent under both Eastasia & Eurasia . Though skeptical and reluctant in the beginning, Nostra took to the position fairly quickly. Utilizing the resources available to the Ministry of Truth, Nostra uncovered portions of the previously unknown history of Oceania in order to better educate the citizens about our wonderful superstate.

Minister of the Love

Though Nostra's tenure as Minister of Truth ushered forth vast swaths of new data, Nostra found his/her talents were not being used to their fullest extent. After accompanying a number of officers from the Ministry of Love, Nostra grew fond of the thin blue line dividing the criminal element from the peaceful proles under Oceania. Seeing fractured coordination and a lack of cooperation between the three emergency departments, Nostra worked for a transfer into the post of Minister of Love in order to bring forth new policy changes and to modernize the task forces.

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