Citizen: Karla Mari

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Karla Mari
Party StatusInner Party
EducationStreets of Oceania
OccupationInterim Minister of Peace
OrganizationInner Party
Known forSmelling Like Fish
Height5 ft 6 in (168 cm)
SuccessorLuigi (Minister of Peace)
Political partyINGSOC
Opponent(s)Traitors to INGSOC

Karla was born to a prole family in the late 60s. She being a young prole worked hard to establish pride, honor and glory for Oceania. Her efforts caught the attention of Frank Nostra who at the time was serving as a patrol officer on the streets of Victory City. Upon noticing Karla's aptitude and embrace of Oceania values, Nostra recommended her to the Captain of the Ministry of Love Precinct who approved her work visa to become an Outer Party secretary and do clerical work for the Ministry of Love. Karla's dedication and hours of hard work paid off as soon Frank Nostra was promoted to the Minister of Love under the leadership of Lord Jut. Karla became an indefensible asset to Nostra's efforts to keep the streets of Oceania safe, she frequently was in attendance at any rally for Big Brother or a trial for a traitor to the state. She was known for being a vocal supporter of law enforcement and was the first to condemn any citizen who decided to become a Goldstein Collaborator.

Karla became selected to serve as Minister of Peace under the leadership of Lady Roro. However upon the appointment of Minister Luigi to the Ministry, she had since taken up the roll of being a bureaucrat of the Inner Party.

Shipping out with the Ministry of Peace

Karla had grown bored of her lifestyle as a bureaucrat, and sought out the Minister of Peace to offer her services in the fight against our enemies. Minister Luigi, ecstatic that he would gain an elite soldier, agreed, and Karla was shipped out with the Oceanic Navy. She was assigned to the 131st Llama Brigade, with whom she stuck a number of blows against our enemies to solidify our position as the strongest superstate in the world. Her most notable achievement to date is during the Battle of Liberia where she singlehandedly took out an entire battalion that had been harassing the local populace and carried her commanding officer from the front lines to safety, and rendered medical aid with the ingenious use of her shoelace and a bottle of Victory Gin. After a time, Karla was wounded in battle and offered an honorable discharge back to civilian life. Though reluctant to leave the military while the war waged on, her injuries were severe enough that the chief medical officer refused to allow her to step foot on the front lines until she could prove that her mobility, aim, and endurance were not impacted. Though she gallantly exhibited full functionality, it was evident that she was in immense pain and like any proud Oceanic citizen was merely bearing it to continue the valiant fight for Oceania. In recognition of this, Karla was given a distinction by her commanding officer and persuaded to take the discharge with the promise that she could return when she recovered.

Return to Oceania

After many months away from home Karla had been placed on a Lemur-class transport ship and soon arrived in the Victory City harbor to a cacophony of applause, with the occasional 'BB!' and 'Glory to INGSOC!' thrown in by the devoted members of the party. She was escorted from the harbor by Minister Nostra flanked by officers, and driven to the Ministry building in a impromptu parade. Upon her deliverance to the Ministry building, she met with the Great Leader to be honored for her achievements and recognized for her bravery. It was here that she learned of the disappearance of Minister Luigi, and given the post of interim Minister of Peace in anticipation for his return. She can frequently be seen mulling about the Ministry of Peace offices, still proudly wearing her hat.