Citizen: Ling Chang Ling

From Ministry of Truth Civil Resources
Ling Chang Ling
Party StatusProle
OccupationCab / Bus Driver
OrganizationEastasian Triad
Known forBus Driving
Child Abduction
Minor Criminal Acts
Height5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
Political partyUnaffiliated
Opponent(s)Richard Schekelstein
RelativesChang Ling (Uncle)

Ling Chang Ling was brought to Oceania as a small child by his caring father Ling Ling. Although a small child, Ling Chang Ling embraced the values instilled in him by his father prior to Ling Ling being viciously murdered. After the murder Ling Chang Ling has sworn a revenge against the entire family of Schekelsteins.

Adapting to Oceania

Adapting to Oceanic life as a refugee child was not easy for Ling Chang Ling having grown accustomed to the large amounts of idle time Eastasian children have throughout their day. Ling Chang Ling was surprised that there was a system in place to formally educate young children, also known as schooling. The high standards of Oceanic schooling and strict discipline of traditional students meant that Ling Chang Ling was often left feeling out of place and rebellious. He was most known for being a prankster during his time as a secondary school student, at one point substituting the class marsupial with an iguana. Ling Chang Ling as he grew older did begin to adapt to Oceanic lifestyle whilst still retaining a slight tone of rebellious comedy about him.

Death of Ling Ling

Ling Chang Ling handled the tragic murder of his father in a very painful manor involving swearing a rare Eastasian death march curse on the entire family of Schekelsteins. This curse involved sacrificing a small puppy by removing the eyes and placing them as olives on a pizza then feeding it to an unsuspecting customer..... curse or shady business practice there is significant record of the Ling ingenuity as a method of keeping cost down.