Citizen: Ling Ling

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Ling Ling
Victory City, Oceania
Cause of deathMurdered by Nixon Schekelstein
Party StatusProle
OccupationCab / Bus Driver
OrganizationEastasian Triad
Known forBus Driving
Caring Father
Minor Criminal Acts
Height5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
SuccessorLing Chang Ling
Political partyUnaffiliated
ChildrenLing Chang Ling
RelativesChang Ling (Brother)

Ling Ling was a proud migrant to Oceania who originally grew up in the impoverished war torn nation of Eastasia. Very little is known about the childhood of Ling Ling but at some point he learned newspeak and was able to obtain a permit to travel to Oceania, where he claimed refugee status. Being a refugee he resorted to operating a bus & taxi service around town. The bus service was a local shuttle to connect Midtown to Uptown. Unfortunately being an Eastasian driver, there was much discrimination and many citizens chose to abstain from riding the bus. Fearing a collapse of all his achievements, Ling Ling and his brother began to kidnap people to force them to ride the bus. This was the beginning of the decent to the Triad. The Triad leaders back in Eastasia saw the determination of Ling and approached him to lead the local Triad organization in Victory City. After assuming control of the Triad Ling Ling largely abandoned bus service in favor of driving a discounted compact yellow car.

Despite having a criminal record of arrest and detainment, Ling Ling was never convicted and managed to find sufficient evidence that the alleged crime had been committed by someone else, usually a rival in the Eurasian Mafia.


An aging Ling Ling who had just moved to the Oceanic condos in the Southside of Victory City was attempting to purchase food for his family from the Victory Vending machine located in the Ministry of Plenty. Nixon Schekelstein observed this and shot ling several times in the back. The Ministry of Love State Police responded to a call placed by Nixon Schekelstein himself claiming that an armed man attempted to kill him in the Ministry of Plenty. An investigation that included: Crime Scene Forensics, Interviews of Witnesses as well CCTV footage determined the following:

  • Ling Ling was in fact unarmed and had his back facing N. Schekelstein and had no contact with him prior to the shots being fired.
  • Nixon Schekelstein had appeared to develop an extremely inappropriate and unbecoming dislike of Eastasians.
  • Nixon Schekelstein lied to police in claiming there was an armed robbery.
  • Nixon Schekelstein failed to provide immediate aid to Ling Ling that could have been life saving, as well as failed to notify INGSOC EMS.

Ling Ling was pronounced dead on the scene sadly, a death that shook the entire Inner Party especially, Lord Jut. In response to Ling Ling's death, Lord Jut personally ordered that Nixon Schekelstein be held accountable and issued a series of laws designed to prevent similar incidents from occurring again, including banning firearms from government buildings. Ling Ling is survived by his son Ling Chang Ling and his brother Chang Ling.

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