Citizen: Lord Jut

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Lord Jut
Party StatusInner Party
EducationUniversity of Oceania
OccupationLeader of Oceania
OrganizationInner Party
State Police
Known forReducing Taxes
Economic Deregulation
Codified Laws
Height6 ft 2 in (188 cm)
TitleGreat Leader
Political partyINGSOC

Lord Jut is one of the most prominent members of the Inner Party who is most notable for serving as Leader of Oceania after being elected for several terms. His origins rather humble as a mere industrial worker turned police officer to eventually rise to the most prestigious roles in Oceania demonstrates the Oceanic Dream.

Early Career

Jut was born to an average industrious prole family, this is where Jut learned the value of handwork and the overall plight of the proles. The young Jut was known for his innovations in refinement of minerals to increase efficiencies of yields which grabbed the attention of several wealthy benefactors whom paid for Jut to attend the University of Oceania where he received the finest global education. It was through this experience that Jut was able to rise to Outer Party status and enlist within a local police agency.

As a police officer, Officer Jut, responded to the same neighborhoods that he had grown up in and saw the devastation that the criminal element had brought upon the proles, particularly the unemployed known as degenerates. As Officer Jut rose through the ranks he earned prestige with the party for his full embrace of Oceanic values and loyalty to INGSOC. The Inner Party granted Officer Jut the title of Lord for his service to the people and the party. With this title came a country estate with large land holdings that Jut used to care for wounded service members fighting the war for peace. Upon election time he was encouraged to run for Leader of Oceania and received overwhelming support.

Karl the Koala is Lord Jut's pet Koala.

Leader of Oceania

Lord Jut lead many prominent reform campaigns including the rewriting of the Laws of Oceania. Additionally the tax rates decreased and the proles flourished under the leadership of Lord Jut. Jut served consecutive terms as leader until one summer he chose no abstain from running for office to allow for diversity of leadership thus remaining true to the opportunities that Oceania provides for all. Lady Roro was elected in a contentious election and later appointed Jut to the role of Minister of Truth. Following the one term of Lady Roro, Jut chose to run again in order to greater improve the economic prosperity.

Minister of Truth

As Minister of Truth, Jut worked to correct inaccuracies that were found in the official histories that were put into place by Goldstein collaborators and sympathizers. The archive was updated to account for the bravery among Oceanic military forces in the defense of Oceania, and, the brave continued fighting in the war for peace.

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