Citizen: Luigi

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Luigi in his natural habitat.
Cause of deathLikely his wife
Party StatusInner Party
Known forDisappearing for long periods of time.
Height5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
TitleMinister of Peace
Political partyINGSOC
Opponent(s)Can Openers
Bagel Bites
His Wife

Luigi is an interesting character, an excellent patsy for the Great Leader who originated as a simple Eurasian farmer. In his early days he was employed by Jut for a classified diplomatic mission. Luigi proved himself as being sensitive with dealing with matters of defending values during these diplomatic missions abroad serving as an aid to an ambassador, when the possession in the Ministry of Peace was available seeing as Lady Roro was desperately needed to fill another vacancy, Luigi was Lord Jut's first choice.

Minister of Peace

Luigi became Minister of Peace upon interviewing with the Great Leader. Having made many faux pas that violated the respect and the unwritten rules of conduct for Oceanic citizens in front of the Inner Party, Luigi presented himself as a capable expendable military commander to be sent over to the front-lines. His role as Minister of Peace lasted only a short while as he was removed from command by Lady Roro who felt that his talents could better serve the party elsewhere.

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