Citizen: Nixon Schekelstein

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Nixon Schekelstein
Nixon's personal portrait, some say it's special.
BornApril 20th, 1996
DisappearedDecember 1983
StatusFound Dead
DiedJanuary 8th 1984
His Country Estate
Cause of deathSelf-Inflicted Gunshot
Party StatusN/A
EducationUniversity of Pornhub
Known forRaising Taxes
Economic Over-regulation
Murdering Ling Ling
Net worth$1.2 million
Height5 ft 6 in (168 cm)
TitleFormer Minister of Plenty
SuccessorLady Roro
Political partyINGSOC
Opponent(s)Ling Ling, Lady Roro
Criminal charge(s)Murder 1st Degree
Illegal Weaponry
Escape From Custody
Resisting Arrest
Failure to Pay Fine
Tax Evasion
Criminal penaltyCivil Forfeiture
Loss of Party Status
Criminal statusEscaped Custody
RelativesRichard Schekelstein

Nixon Schekelstein was a periodically active member of the Inner Party who served as the Minister of Plenty during his most active times. He is most known for high taxes, and, killing the innocent Ling Ling


Nixon Schekelstein was the leader of the Shekelstein clan. Originally from Eurasia but migrated to Victory City as a refugee, Nixon owned and operated a Bank which he used to cover his money printing and forgery activity. Upon moving to Victory City Southside he invested in oil and Mining. A refugee from Eurasia, Nixon was subject to much hardship prior to immigrating to Oceania at the hands of the racist regime in Eurasia. Though he made a pittance of a living, he was unable to thrive as he wished.

Non-Heroic Tales of his Childhood

Nixon was born to a wild Shekelstein tribe after a decade of an inadvisable eugenics program. The base subject, dubbed Caroline, had propensities that were seen as desirable to the state. Though Caroline was suited toward finding errors and discrepancies, her ability was not up to the standards of the shadow organization responsible for cultivating these specimens. Through much trial and error, an individual who could never be happy was born and dubbed Nixon. Having not been a domesticated brand, Nixon remained a ferret child who was notable for stealing money from people’s lunchboxes at school. Nixon would save this money and starve himself because the mere look at cash stacks would be fulfilling to his needs. Nixon’s earliest business was collecting money from neighborhood kids to allow them to save their money to buy the latest toys.

Nixon himself starring awkwardly at the camera. Observe the poor clothing he was forced to contend with because he spent all his money on "special" cologne to make him happy.

Nixon advanced to the school of adult entertainment studies in the morally depraved state of Eurasia. His escape from Eurasia featured a milk jug and a tooth brush which the uses of these items cannot be mentioned in polite company. None the less they aided in his escape after he found a bottle of cologne to mask the scent of his people from the Eurasian guards. Nixon arrived in Victory City Southside with nothing but a bottle of cologne in his pocket and a dream of wealth. He encountered a then Officer Jut who welcomed him to the state of Oceania.

Promotion to the Minister of Plenty

Claiming to have accumulated more money than god under the glory of Big Brother, Nixon strived to become the Minister of Plenty and appealed to the Great Leader to be appointed to the Inner Party. Under Nixon's tenure there were many changes in the role of the Ministry of Plenty, including the centralized role of many facets of society being directed from the lobby and the dedicated civil servants at the front desk. Nixon was also instrumental in increasing the security of the vault area and lobbied for better camera systems throughout the Ministry of Plenty's building.

Nixon caught shooting Ling Ling who was using a Victory Vending machine to get food for his family.

Downfall & Demise

Ironically the very security systems that Nixon had advocated for served as a means to capture his brutal attack on the hard working immigrant attempting to get food for his family at a Ministry of Plenty vending machine. He quickly fled the Ministry building and eluded responding officers. It was believed for some time that he had fled to Eurasia to avoid being charged for his murder of Ling Ling. Despite this the party instrumented numerous reforms including making it illegal to carry weapons within the confines of a government building as well as banning all Inner Party staff from carrying a firearm.

Nixon was later found with a self inflected gunshot wound in his country estate on January 8th. Below is the attached press release from the Ministry of Love:

It is the unfortunate duty of the Ministry of Love to confirm that Nixon Schekelstein was 
found dead in his country home earlier this evening. He was the apparent victim of a self- 
inflicted gunshot wound. A routine search of his house yielded large amounts of empty 
cologne bottles which we believe were bought at a premium price but contained little more 
than the secretions of the koala scent gland. We are still attempting to determine why any 
Oceanic individual would take their life over such a minor inconvenience, but rest assured 
that no prole is alone in these trying times. You have Big Brother's Love.

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