Citizen: Tony Luciano

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Tony Luciano
DiedJanuary 1982
Downtown Victory City
Cause of deathGunfire
Party StatusUnenrolled
OrganizationEurasian Mafia
Luciano Enterprises
Known forAssassinations / Hits
Height5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
TitleMafia Don
SuccessorFrank Nostra
Political partyUnenrolled
Criminal charge(s)Treason

Tony Luciano was one of the most notable leaders of the Eurasian Mafia who primarily focused on completing hits and bounties on individuals. He was known to kill degenerates just for mere pleasure. Tony Luciano tends to lurk in only the most worthy of residency's that are lavish for his taste. During his stay in Victory City, he predominately liked to manage restaurants and bars as the cover business for his operations. Seeing the opportunity for business in the western limits of the city by the waterfront, Tony Luciano moved to the region in order to set up a night club and operates his cover business, Luciano Enterprises, in the Industrial Sector. Tony Luciano's primary residence is located in the lavish suburban area of Victory City Southside, with his company headquarters located in the downtown area.

Downfall & Death

The Luciano family's downfall began with it's efforts under Tony to become more competitive with the other organized crime families. In an effort to expand into different areas of the criminal underworld, Tony Luciano stepped on the toes of the Inner Party by assisting a man whom the police were after for charges of treason named, William Brock. In a large raid on his place of business by friendly local police officers, the Luciano family in its entirety was wiped from the map by several ground infantry and air support culminating in the unconditional surrender. During the course of this raid the Luciano family exchanged gun fire with authorities conducting the raid. It was in this gunfire that Tony himself was found to be mortally wounded. Originally thought to have been shot by police, forensics later found that he was shot by the very man whom he tried to help, William Brock whom at the time eluded capture. The remaining Luciano family plead guilty to crimes against Oceania as well several other criminal charges and took honorable military service in lieu of judicial action. The family now bravely serves within the Oceanic Navy.

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