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Flag of Eastasia
Motto: Work for the Glory of the Chairman
Terroritories controlled by Eastasia (Red) and disputed areas (yellow)
Terroritories controlled by Eastasia (Red) and disputed areas (yellow)
Official languagesMandarin
Ethnic groups
97 % - Eastasian
3 % Eurasian
Government TypeCommunist Totalitarian
• Chairman
CurrencyRenminbi (¥)
ElectricityRolling Blackouts
Driving sideleft

Eastasia was born from the ashes of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere after a communist revolution in 1952 which deposed the former peaceful government of China. The newly minted communist government of China notably began annexing much of the Asian continent and had several border disputes with Eurasia. These military conquest led to the current territory claims it possesses in this present day.
Eastasia is one of three superstates extant in 1984. Though presenting itself as a unitary republic, Eastasia has been known to have committed heinous war crimes against the peoples of the former Japanese Empire and its own Chinese majority. Its current holdings include all the former countries of China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Indonesia, New Guinea, and the various Pacific archipelagos have been repeatedly targeted by Eastasia in wars against the native population and Eurasia, though it has failed to decisively capture any new territories.
The poor quality of life and the brutal conscription tactics and military service of Eastasia has led to many refugees embracing criminality as a means of survival, most notably found in the Eastasian Triad.

Eastasia despite not acquiring new territories is most known for it's continual border skirmishes and wars of conquest in an attempt to facilitate itself into a stronger global power.