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Gameplay Related Topics

How do I make money?

Some examples are but not limited to:

Where do I buy/sell items?

One must locate a player who may have the item that is desired OR locate an appropriate NPC vendor. There are several NPC vendors that sell a variety of items, each with it's own caveat. Most items can be bought and sold at each corresponding vendor.

  • For cheapest food, visit the Ministry of Plenty for rations OR the grocery store at the Oceanic Shoppes. There are several other vendors whom sell food items, but, there is a STEEP markup on them!
  • For weapons one can buy ammo from the gun store, however, to buy and sell more advance weapons one must find the traveling dealer who tends to hide in the sewers.
  • The hardware store carries several tools but for specialty items you have to visit the specialty store. The hardware store is a great place to sell / buy crafting based items.

What are the Rules?

You can view the rules here.

What are the Factions ?

Inner Party : Exclusive group for the elected Great Leader, appointed ministers and bureaucrats. This faction runs the government from the shadows of bureaucracy. Access to this faction is restricted to the elected leader and appointed officials. To gain access one must be a very active productive community member.

Outer Party : This group is available to all community members, these jobs are basic government service roles such as Fire Fighters and Medical Personnel.

Proles: This is a default group that all players have access to, these are your common laborers.

Ministry of Love State Police : A group available to any community that request it / wants to be a police officer. The member must be active and within good standing.

Eurasian Mafia: This is a default group that all players have access to, this is one of the organized crime groups.

Eastasian Triad:This is a default group that all players have access to, this is one of the organized crime groups.

How do I become a INGSOC party member? (Inner / Outer Party)

Party member status is assigned to registered active community members. Outer Party status is much easier to obtain than Inner Party status. Inner Party Status is reserved for only a select few, generally appointed ministry officials of the Great Leader following an election. Both Inner and Outer Party status may be lost if a member demonstrates excessive criminal behavior or acts unbecoming that of a party member.

How do I join the Ministry of Love State Police?

The Ministry of Love State Police is currently recruiting officers from established Outer Party members (registered community members who's characters are law abiding.) Simply make the request to the Minister of Love and you will be recruited / allowed to join the State Police.

How do I become part of the Thought Police?

The Thought Police is a secretive organization part of the Ministry of Love State Police. To be eligible one must be a member of the State Police and make the request to the Minister of Love.

What source games are mounted to the server?

  • Counter Strike Source
  • Counter Strike Global Offensive
  • Day of Defeat Source
  • Half Life Episode 1
  • Half Life Episode 2

Please note that Counter Strike Global Offensive is free to download on steam.

Why do I see errors throughout the map?

  1. Ensure you are subscribed to all the content via the steam workshop.
  2. Secondly ensure that you properly install and mount source games related to the server. The major ones are Counter Strike Source (CSS) and Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO). CSGO is free on steam so it is highly recommended that everyone mounts it! The others that we include are Day of Defeat Source, Half Life Episodes 1 & 2.

Some car models look weird and do not render properly.

This has to do with how GMOD renders some of the more detailed models, in order to properly see it go into your settings and set model detail to high. This will allow you to correctly see the cars. Note this may require a restart of gmod

How do I buy a car?

Cars can be bought by using the NPC Car Dealer located in the Ministry of Plenty The Car Dealer also offers a few rental vehicles to choose from should owning a car be too pricey. Once you own a car, you own it until you sell it.

How do I rent a car?

Cars can be rented by using the NPC Car Dealer located in the Ministry of Plenty Rental fees are charged each time the vehicle is ‘spawned.' You cannot make customization to rental cars.

How come some places have more decorations than others? If I don’t like the existing world props can I change them?

The basic decorations found in some properties is part of an effort to allow players who do not care for decorating their homes to have a bare minimum of props to create a better roleplay experience. Some properties were left completely empty to equally allow players to decorate to the ones who fancy such decorative talents.

If you do not like a decoration and you own a property, you can make a request to have that item removed.
If you feel that you are able to provide higher quality decorations to some properties contact an Inner Party member who will compensate you for the improved decorations.

The MOTD and other web popups in game are greyed out and do not load.

If your garry’s mod doesn’t properly load the MOTD or web pages you are likely not using the 64bit version of gmod. The 32bit version (default) appears to have an issue loading pages with SSL which is the bare minimum / standard level of security most reputable sites have.

  1. .) GO to your steam library and find Garry’s Mod
  1. .) Right click on Garry’s Mod and click properties
  1. .) Under the beta’s section at the top, select the chromium 64 bit binary.

Please note when you launch the game ensure to select the 64 bit binary option

Why do I crash when I shoot cars?

Type into console

r_drawmodeldecals: 0

When this value is set to one it can cause some games to crash when trying to render the shooting. This has to do with how SGM car models are rendered by the game.

How does New Life Rule work?

V. New Life Rule: Our server explicitly prohibits revenge killings or acts. In the context of RP, the only exceptions may be (1.) that a surviving individual informs you in chat message (e.g. police receives report of officer down, mafioso informs others) OR (2.) you are revived via the medic system by a doctor or emt. Generally speaking when you die and respawn you are a new individual, thus, you must not use knowledge gained in your past life to your advantage. You may return to your property/house once the area is free of any hostiles. Please note that your character will be deleted if it is killed and not revived therefore it is highly recommended to let a paramedic or doctor save you.

Essentially, if you die and are not revived you will be forced to make a new character because you will be starting a new life. While your cars and properties are tied to your Steam account, things like your money are tied to your character. That being said it is very wise to be cautious about instances that may cause death. If there is a paramedic, doctor or even a firefighter on the server, it would be wise to befriend them so they can save you. If revived you do not have to follow new life rule and your character remains active.

How do I revive someone? How do I heal / treat injuries?

To revive someone you must transport their body to the hospital and utilize one of the many beds available. From there the medic must setup a blood drip and use the defibrillator.
For additional information one can visit the healthcare page of this guide.

Community Related Topics

How is DystopianRP different than other serious RP communities?

Where we stand out is that as a community we may be a serious RP server but we do not believe in the excess of tedious rules that seems to dominate the genre. These rules make roleplay regulated down to a each rule subsection which detracts from spontaneity and fun. We believe that roleplay should be organic.

You will find that in order to advance factions / party status we don't require essays to be written, we just ask that people remain active members and engage in our community. Unlike some we allow any active member to run for leadership or be appointed to the governmental roles.

How do I become a member?

To be a member you just have to register on our community forum. While activity on our forum fluctuates the idea is to create a better space for the community to grow and share ideas whilst the discord channel is primarily for live chat.

What are the benefits of being a member?

To name a few:

  • Ability to participate in community polls & great leader elections
  • Ability to run for Great Leader or be appointed to the role of Minister.
  • Ability to become Mafia Don or Triad Vanguard
  • The right to due process should any matter of discipline arise.
  • Access to spawning props, physgun, tool gun et cetera

How do I apply to be a staff member?

You must first be a community member by making a forum account, Once created and logged in you will see the administrative section of the forum. From here you can apply on the staff application boards using the provided format. Staff positions are only given to active players that demonstrate good character. Staff is earned and not given.

How do I report abusive staff member / admin abuse?

To report staff abuse one may file such report on the community forum disciplinary section or file a discreet complaint email to Jut@dystopianrp.org pursuant to the 309§15 Procedure for Reporting Staff Abuse.

Do you sell or share my personal information?

We do not share or sell information with third parties. For more information please view our: Privacy Policy Terms of Use

Is Sign-in Through Steam Safe?

Sign in Through Steam is a method of authentication to prevent spam as well as create a more seamless experience for users, rather than having to remember individual account information details or sign up for multiple accounts. Many websites use sign in through steam and essentially the Steam API shares details such as Username, SteamID & Profile Picture. This method does not share details such as your steam password.

HOWEVER IT IS IMPORTANT TO ALWAYS ENSURE YOU ARE LOGGING INTO A LEGITIMATE STEAM-WEBSITE. Some less reputable websites disguise their sign in through steam in attempt to phish your login credentials.

Helix Transition Topics

Will I loose my money?

No, everyone who plays within the first two weeks after the switch will be afforded the opportunity to have their money converted over. However the conversion rate will be as follows: Week 1 $20 DarkRP Dollars for every $1 Helix Dollar. Week 2 $100 DarkRP Dollars for every $1 Helix Dollar.
*No conversions will be made after April 8th 2021.*

Will I loose my cars?

No, as with currency anyone who plays within the first two weeks after the switch will be afforded the opportunity have their cars converted over. If you own a car that is going to be phased out, it will be sold and you will be given its cash value.
This will not be available after April 8th 2021.

Will I loose my character?

Yes you will unfortunately loose your character but with this new system you will be able to have up to five active characters at time. The character system is also far more reliable in terms of ensuring that progress is not lost.