Healthcare in Oceania

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Healthcare in Oceania is unrivaled and consist of dedicated citizens of Oceania serving each other to extend the highest possible quality of care to all. There are many components that extend from your local primary care to emergency response for all those times you accidentally fall off your balcony, break your legs, or mysteriously got drunk and ended up face down in a pool. No matter what Oceanic Healthcare is here for you!

The newly rebuilt hospital was a goal of Big Brother to improve the quality of life of the people of Oceania!

INGSOC People's Hospital

INGSOC People's Hospital was a rebuilt private hospital that was taken over by the glorious state to be a place of healthcare for the people. Modern instruments and tools were added to this once center of greed. The hospital is located in the Downtown district on Oceanic Avenue.

In the event there is no Doctor or Paramedic on duty one may talk to the on-call medical provider who stands at the front desk. He will treat your injuries but may overcharge you for it. Therefore it is highly advisable that one seeks proper medical treatment from a doctor or paramedic when they are on duty.

In some less civilized places such as Eurasia or even worse, Eastasia, hospitals are nothing but bombed out structures that the government has no intention of rebuilding. In Eurasia the evil greed of private enterprise results in the lack of money being forwarded to the public welfare, something that truly disgust the Great Leader to his core, hence the importance of having the elite People's Hospital being built. There are even plans for expanding the building in the future to provide more space for those in the medical community to conduct themselves for the betterment of Oceania.

First Floor

This is the spacious lobby in which players arrive and wait for medical treatment. The Ambulance supervisor who manages the fleet of ambulances is located outside the front door as well. At the front desk of the lobby is Doctor Clinton who will provide medical care in the event there are no on duty doctors or paramedics.

Second Floor

The second floor is reachable by stairs or elevator and there are several patient rooms for direct care, a reception area and an intensive care unit. These are areas that the greatest minds of medicine work to provide the best healthcare that the global community can offer. This area is where patients are mostly brought after being rescued by an ambulance. The reception desk is where one can find a medical supplies vendor who will sell & distribute basic medical supplies.

Third Floor

The third floor is reachable by stairs or elevator and features surgery, lab space and a doctor's office. This is traditionally where more intensive patients come to be scanned by the medical scanner which will determine what is wrong with the patient / which bones are broken allowing the medical staff to develop an effective treatment plan. The lab space offers a fantastic space for doctors to research better and more effective methods for treating patients.

Key Features

  • An examine room with specialized scan tool that allows the detection of broken bones and other injuries.
  • A spacious lobby without awful elevator music
  • A medical vendor who sells subsidized medical supplies.
  • Several treatment rooms that have defibrillators and medical beds.

Doctors in Oceania

A Doctor is an advance medical career job that requires responding to a variety of ailments that arrive at the hospital doorstep. Doctors treat wounded individuals or those who have been incapacitated. While paramedics primarily are focused on responding to a scene, a doctor’s task is to run the hospital. Doctors earn the big bucks and also are responsible for overseeing the treatment of patients and supervising all the paramedics.

Doctors may also purchase life saving substances and quality of life drugs from the business menu. They can also manufacture pharmaceutical drugs utilizing the !medic -- This allows them to manufacture the cure for broken legs and arms at a lower cost than purely just purchasing the ingredients from the business menu. Additionally this provides instructions on curing various ailments. Overall this menu is extremely useful for any aspiring medical professional.

A paramedic rushes a patient inside the hospital.


Paramedic is a specialized medical career that is oriented towards assisting others who are incapacitated by rendering emergency aid. Paramedics are tasked with locating the individual and bringing them to the hospital for advanced treatment. Unlike Doctors paramedics have access to spawning an ambulance to aid in their mission.

Paramedics have access to medical menu by typing !medic

A ward featuring the healing powers of Big Brother.

Medical Overview

Since the evils of Goldstein conspiring to undermine Oceania and the world, gone are the days of being able to sustain multiple bullet wound and walk away fine, or be able to leap from tall heights. No more simple medical pack or healing from your neighborhood medic, now injuries require treatment by professionals. Untreated injuries can cause bleeding and fractures which severely hamper ones physical abilities. Doctors and Paramedics are your primary medical responders but members of the Fire Department may also preform limited task.

Why bother being revived?

The reason a citizen would be willing to be revived by a medical professional, rather than give up on life and drift into the next life, a person recieves a second chance at their life. This second chance can be used to better worship Big Brother to the fullest, or, more realistically take revenge on those that wronged you / attempted to kill you. If there is no on duty Paramedic or Doctor some medical services can be provided by the medical provider located in the hospital lobby, although this will cost you more than seeing your local friendly medical professional.

How to revive someone?

First step: Stabilize

There are many reasons that a citizen may become incapacitated, before reviving a wounded person, you must stabilize their state. This of course first off means transporting the citizen to the hospital OR a safe secure scene. To know what's wrong, you have to use your notepad. Based on the analysis provided by the notepad a competent doctor must treat the problems identified. If there is lots of blood perhaps the person requires a bandage to stop the bleeding. If the person's heart is no longer beating / heart attack then you need to defibrillate them. It may not work the first time, you have to retry or address other issues first. If poisoning is suspected then it becomes necessary to administer antidote. When the wounded is stable, you can proceed to the reviving step.

Second step: Reviving

To revive the wounded person, you first have to place them on a hospital bed. To move the body, you can just carry it or use a stretcher found on an ambulance. Then, place a blood bag on a drip and touch the bed with the drip. The wounded will progressively be healed and revived. It may take some maneuvering of the drip & blood bag as they must touch the bed and only when the blood bag starts emptying is the reviving process actually working.

How to heal a fracture?

The first thing that must be done is that the patient must be seen by a medical professional on the third floor of the Hospital. The third floor has a x-ray scanner that also conveniently sterilizes you! Once the patient is on the scanner located in the surgical room it will identify which bones are fractured by highlighting them on the screen in red. Utilize the !medic or business menu to use the appropriate medicine to treat the injury.

How to Make Pharmaceutical Drugs?

A list of drugs is available in the !medic healthcare menu. You can buy them directly or craft them. Buying them more directly is always more expensive than crafting. Crafting requires one to buy a beaker and the different test tubes needed for the medicine that you are attempting to make. The ingredient list can be found on the list of medicines. After purchasing the desired test tubes of precursors, put them in the beaker. After all the precursors are mixed in the beaker touch an empty drug jar with the beaker. If the recipe was correctly followed, the medicine is created.

What's the Use of CPR?

CPR keeps incapacitated people from completing dying. CPR is necessary to create time for the individual to be properly transported to the hospital to receive the lifesaving treatment for their injuries.

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