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The Leader of Oceania is an elected position that is the most powerful position in Oceania. The Leader of Oceania is tasked with overseeing the whole government and may appoint ministers to aid in his ability to govern the people of Oceania. The Leader of Oceania may appoint / fire any minister at any time of his choosing. The leader is also known as Big Brother, and is the omnipresent force that governs Oceania.

Office of the Great Leader

The Great Leader has an office in the Ministry Building located on State Street. The office is located on the top floor and is a place where few have ventured. There were rumors regarding visitors disappearing after making the incorrect choice of seating or missing proper formalities.


The position is an elected position in which any active citizen in good standing may run for the position. Any active citizen in good standing is entitled to also vote in said election. Once elected, the Great Leader has control over the direction of Oceania and may appoint Ministers to aid in the running of their elected government.

The Great Leader's office as designed by Lord Jut himself.

Lord Jut - Term : January - June

Lord Jut has done impressive things for Oceania and has appointed the most competent ministry staff to carry this bidding out. Lord Jut reformed the legal system by establishing a codified index of Laws of Oceania whereas previously a system of common law had existed. Lord Jut also greatly improved the conditions of the proles by providing adequate housing, good rations and inflation control in lieu of contribution by the incumbent Minister of Plenty. Lord Jut ruled by giving explicit instructions to his ministry staff direction on the correct path to take and oversaw the various projects through to their completion. This included the implementation of Phase II uniforms for law enforcement agencies. These replaced the legacy era Phase I uniforms that were symbolic of the previous departments before the great liberation movement by Big Brother. Lord Jut lastly was responsible for the huge tax decrease of 3.5% during his tenure since he took office where previously proles were being harshly taxed at 4% to fuel the war effort. Lord Jut insisted on not running for the position of Great Leader for June because he felt the nation had greatly stabilized thus not requiring the careful hand of the benevolent Jut. As part of ensuring proper legitimacy to Oceania, Lord Jut chose not to run in the June election to allow a fresh face into power and to ensure the peaceful stability of Oceania's democratic process.

Lord Jut's Cabinet

Lady Roro - Term : June - July

Lady Roro was elected on June 19th and sworn in shortly afterwards by the previous governing body of Inner Party members. The ceremony was attended by many proles who cheered Roro's populist ideals that were campaigned for. In the first acts as Leader Roro drastically altered the education program for citizens of Victory City Southside by commissioning new billboards, posters and other sources of knowledge to better reflect the environment of Oceania. Lady Roro in this decree also addressed the housing situation by drastically increasing the cost of purchasing and even renting higher tier properties. This was done as a revenue generating measure to fuel further populist ideals and to stabilize the disastrously affordable high end housing market. The last of the first decrees came in the form of revoking the legality of small semiautomatic pistols and the substance known as Marijuana. Both these enjoyed legal status under the previous leadership. Although they were targeted for the potential harm and disruption of life in Oceania.
The second batch of leadership decrees came with the dismantling of the Civil Engineer role which was formerly an Outer Party position. This was a budgetary measure to absorb the cost that was created when all Outer Party member allowances were increased under the previous administration. Instead the work was now delegating to the role of a prole Laborer. Industrial Workers and Mechanics also lost their privileged status under this and were lumped into the position of laborer. Lady Roro also restored funding to the Ministry of Love by reinstating the position of Police Lieutenant to the force.

Lady Roro's Cabinet

Lord Jut - Term : July - Present

Lord Jut decided to run again for the position of Great Leader out of a burning desire to help the people of Oceania. This passion for helping grow Oceania was reflected in the polls resulting in Lord Jut being reappointed to the leadership role. Lord Jut appointed a diverse mixed cabinet with Lady Roro and Karla Mari maintaining roles as ministers.

Lord Jut instituted many reforms including implementing policies causing a greater amount of clothing to be made available to the common proles, many of the styles having being redesigned with a sense of patriotism for INGSOC. Among the other reforms were the expansion of protective laws designed to create a safer Oceania for all and increasing the funding for the Ministry of Love. Jut also responded by his own clever economic expertise to lower gas prices to a record low.

Lord Jut's Cabinet

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