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Peace is the ultimate goal of our people, it requires tremendous sacrifice. The Oceanic Defense Force is the primary peacekeeping force that protects the great state of Oceania. The Ministry is overseen by the Minister of Peace who is appointed by the Great Leader. War is an ugly thing, but it is a necessary thing to preserve the glory that is Oceania. After the ugly history with the previous armed forces, Oceania created a Ministry to put an end to offensive and unnecessary war. The Great Leader determined that a new organization needed to be developed to focus on the defense of the Oceanic people. This organization's goal was to preserve peace, and thus the Oceanic Defense Force was founded, to uphold Big Brother's promise to the people that peace and security for the citizens of Oceania should be the ultimate goal.
The Ministry of Peace is located on the sixth floor of the Ministry building. The space contains several offices for the administration of the local garrison. The Ministry of Peace is responsible for the security of the Ministry buildings and has a contingent of soldiers to carry out such purpose.
The Ministry of Peace suffered great budgetary crisis in November due to funds being pulled by Minister Nostra of the Ministry of Love to overhaul the Law Enforcement capabilities. This was a tremendous setback, and, lacking a suitable source of funding the Oceanic Defense Force's local detachment to Victory City was transferred. These soldiers were then heroically deployed to combat the evil forces that dare to oppose the great state Oceania.

Minister of Peace

The Minister of Peace is an appointed military leader by the Great Leader and is in charge of the Ministry of Peace. The Minister of Peace commands the local Oceanic Defense Force as well as the World of Warships Fleet.


  • Manage conflicts with Eurasia or Eastasia
  • Ensure that the Ministry Building is secure
  • Ensure that all Minister security details are fulfilled.
  • Leads our community World of Warships Division.

History of Ministers

Minister Roro

Lady Roro was the first Minister of Peace who led many great offensives against the enemies of Oceania. It was her hard work and dedication to the Oceanic Defense Force that the numbers of enlisted swelled to the record numbers. Lady Roro left the role to improve other areas of the Inner Party. Lady Roro was known for establishing the early fleet and commanding a large array of ships and firepower in the Oceanic Defensive Fleet. Lady Roro led many successful military campaigns and liberated many territories.

Minister Luigi

Minister Luigi was appointed to the role of Minister of Peace following Lady Roro. Minister Luigi was known for being an absentee Minister for the duration of his appointment and was not selected to continue following the election of Lady Roro. Luigi often remained in the Ministry Offices and focused on his side job fixing people's engines for their lawn mowers. He was not known for any great expansion or military campaigns. It was under his leadership that funding for the Ministry was slashed greatly.

Minister Karla Mari

Minister Karla Mari was appointed to the role of Minister of Peace by Lady Roro. Karla was known for vastly strengthening the fleet of Oceania in World of Warships. Under her leadership she brought about the construction of a new fleet having cleverly scammed the funding through espionage against the enemies of Oceania. Her tactics as a commander are questionable at times however she has shown great initial promise and vigor for the glory of Oceania. KarlaMari has since taken a leave of absence to tend to the wounded men who served Oceania's defensive force.

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