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Where there was once poverty, corruption and consolidation of wealth by a greedy oligarchy, Big Brother has bestowed wealth and prosperity to all members of Oceania. The Ministry of Plenty is responsible for the management of wealth, resources and all things economic. The Ministry is overseen by a Minister of Plenty which is appointed by the elected leader.

The Ministry of Plenty branch for Victory City Southside that serves the local community

Services Provided at the Ministry of Plenty

  • Distributes allowances
  • Distributes rationed items
  • Sells & Rents Vehicles
  • Storage of valuables in the Vault.
  • Purchases industrial goods.

Minister of Plenty

The Minister of Plenty is the appointed role that leads the Ministry of Plenty. The position is tasked with regulating the economy and supervising the bankers that exist on the server.


  • Promoting Economic Prosperity
  • Managing state finances and budgets
  • Setting interest rates and running the state bank
  • Giving loans to those who need it for purposes of industry
  • Controlling inflation / deflation
  • Managing taxes and tax types
  • Controlling cost of Medical Care & other state services
  • Control funding to various departments (size of PD & FD)
  • Purchasing deals on behalf of the state (Metal & Fuel prices)

History of Ministers

Minister Nixon Schekelstein

Nixon Schekelstein was appointed as the first Minister of Plenty by Lord Jut to overhaul the economy and restore it the former glory. Nixon assured the people that he would be able to overhaul the economy and have a fair exchange for the former currencies rather than devalue it completely. This act would prevent people from loosing their wealth and prevent an overall economic depression. His initial work was promising but he seemed to grow more concerned with amassing a large stash of 'Churchill' branded cologne than actively adjusting the economy. By the election of June, the economy was largely unregulated leaving Lord Jut to manually issue edicts to help boost and regulate the economy to provide a better experience for proles. By the time Lady Roro was elected as the first female Great Leader in June, a fierce rivalry between the two had formed causing Nixon not to gain reappointment. Lady Roro left the position vacant during her leadership. Nixon regained his appointment once Lord Jut became elected once again. Nixon has since retired to his countryside estate.

Interim Minister Roro

During Minister Nixon's tenure as Minister of Plenty, there was a brief period that Minister Nixon required personal time to count his sheckles before embarking on a state sponsored good will trip to Oceania's ally. During this period Lady Roro was appointed as Minister of Plenty on an interim basis. Lady Roro offered many lotteries to the proles and temporarily provided a tax break but did nothing of major note long term.