Ministry of Love State Police

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Ministry of Love State Police Garage. The Phase II Cruiser Decals are in place sporting the classic blue prior to the upgrade to our current style.

Upon the great liberation movement that Oceania has brought to it's people, Big Brother improved local police agencies by placing them under the loving care of the newly formed Ministry of Love. Why the Ministry of Love a casual observer may ask? Simply because no other ministry was suited to fulfill police and other law enforcement’s pure love for all citizens. Police in Oceania exist to serve the community and provide love & compassion to thy citizen and anyone who claims to have evidence of the contrary are Goldstein conspirators. The only complaints our law enforcement get is that they have too much love to share with the populace.

General Information


The Ministry of Love State Police is always looking for the finest citizens to joint he ranks of the State Police. The Ministry of Love oversees the professional development of all personnel within the State Police [the hiring & firing of staff.] Any INGSOC party member may request to be added to the roster of the State Police. They will attend a brief training academy to understand their duties as well as the laws of Oceania. Once graduated the individual will become a full fledged member of the State Police.

Rank Structure

The Ministry of Love State Police utilizes a strict paramilitary rank structure that places great emphasis on discipline and respecting one's ranking officer. It is believed that through tremendous discipline, a greater safety culture is then created and thus Oceania becomes a safer place.


The captain's responsibility is largely administrative. The captain wears a darkblue uniform shirt with two gold bars on each collar. The captain is responsible as acting as the shift commander and coordinating law enforcement efforts on behalf of the Ministry of Love. The captain reports directly to a bureaucrat assigned to the Ministry of Love and or the Minister of Love himself. To obtain the rank of captain one must have a good service record within the state police and must have reached the rank of lieutenant for a period of at least two weeks. The captain is assigned to the 802 patrol vehicle but may also use an unmarked cruiser.


The lieutenant's role is a mix between patrol and administrative. A lieutenant wears a dark blue/black uniform uniform shirt with two bars on their epaulettes. Lieutenants may act as the officer in charge during large responses, or as the shift commander should a captain not be on duty. To obtain the rank of lieutenant one must have a good service record within the state police and must have reached the rank of sergeant for a period of one week. The lieutenant is assigned to the 774 patrol vehicle but may also use an unmarked cruiser.


Sergeant's are your front line supervisors for officers. They wear a standard dark blue/black uniform with one bar on their epaulettes. Sergeants supervise and respond to incidents that require an experienced senior police officer. To obtain the rank of sergeant one must have a good service record within the state police. Effective patrolmen may be promoted to this rank as a field promotion in the event there is a large contingent of patrolmen without a supervisor. In this case the most senior officer is given the temporary field promotion. Sergeant's are usually assigned to either the East or West patrol sectors. A sergeant assigned to the eastern sector will use the 401 cruiser whilst the sergeant assigned to the west will use the 301 cruiser.


Patrolman is the entry level rank of the state police, they serve in all capacities and respond to all incidents. These brave men provide security and comfort to Oceania and the proles of the city. Patrolmen are expected to conduct themselves to the highest standards and to enforce all the Laws of Oceania without prejudice. Officers who fail to preform their duties will be fired (blacklisted) from the department and confined the life of a prole.

Southside Police Precinct

Inside of the State Police Precinct on a typical day.

State Police operations in Victory City Southside are coordinated out of the State Police Precinct located on Judicial Avenue on the northwest side of the city. There is a surface parking lot available for visiting civilians, however, the parking garage is strictly for authorized individuals only. It should be noted that entry into the building beyond the 1st floor lobby without a proper credentials or escort is considered trespassing (OGL Chapter 4 Section 17).

The precinct also houses the Oceanic People's Court in which members of the public are encouraged to attend any court cases that are tried there.

Vehicle Roster

State Police Vehicle Roster.
Cruiser # Call Sign Assigned Area Vehicle Type Rank Cruiser # Call Sign Assigned Area Vehicle Type Rank
802 N/A Crown Victoria Captain 774 N/A Crown Victoria Lieutenant
401 East Crown Victoria Sergeant 301 West Crown Victoria Sergeant
414 East Crown Victoria Patrolman 377 West Crown Victoria Patrolman
438 East Caprice Interceptor Patrolman 339 West Crown Victoria Patrolman
454 East Caprice Interceptor Patrolman 343 West Caprice Interceptor Patrolman
467 East Caprice Interceptor Patrolman 382 West Caprice Interceptor Patrolman


Major February Reforms As part of Minister Nostra's criminal justice overhauls the police departments and local law enforcement where overhauled. New cruisers, and decals were ordered to proudly display the Ministry of Love's emblem. These important reforms helped unify and transform the Miniluv State Police into a neighborhood crime fighting force that is highly effective, well equipped and paid.