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The great seal of the Ministry of Truth!

Ah comrade so I hear you want to learn about the ministry of truth eh? The Ministry of Truth welcomes you on this wonderful guided sexy tour of our completely transparent agency! The Transparent room is where all the news is sorted and organized to be distributed to the masses. Never before has an organization been so dedicated to removing fake news. We even have fun patriotic memory holes for the items that are found to be inaccurate and do not serve Big Brother justice!

The Times

The Times is a premier newspaper that was originally conceived by the Lord Jut himself. The goal was to create a written news source for the average citizen of Oceania to be able to enjoy and consume the latest tales of the heroism that exist in Oceanic society. The paper is produced as a collaborative effort among the Inner Party, however, the Ministry of Truth is the final editing authority responsible for producing the paper. Currently The Times is a weekly publication made available on Tuesdays.

One of the offices dedicated to providing the truth to the people of Oceania.

Telescreen Content

The Ministry of Truth treasures the content that is made available to the hard working dedicated citizens of Oceania, as such there is carefully curated selection of content available on every telescreen. While this is true in terms of presenting programs for ‘background’ effect, the Minister of Truth will also be responsible for hiring and appointing a staff of reporters and interviewers to develop content to be presented in the Ministry of Truth series. The content will be compiled on a weekly basis to be presented to the community.

Minister of Truth

The Minister of Truth is an appointed Inner Party position that leads the Ministry of Truth. It is appointed by the Leader of Oceania / Big Brother and is subject to being replaced at the will of the Great Leader. The very first Minister of Truth was Frank Nostra, aka Zr970 who held the post with quiet dignity and respect. He established the vital daily citizen updates on the Glory of Oceania. After Nostra was promoted to the Ministry of Love, Big Brother appointed скользкий славян to the position to lead the Ministry of Truth.


  • Promote the ideals of Big Brother
  • Promote the agenda of the Great Leader
  • Monitor and curate government archives
  • Make announcements for ministries
  • Removing fake news and updating incorrect historical entries
  • Can alter posters, billboards and other map assets / generate propaganda.
  • Choose which movies are playing in the Theater.
  • Manage The Times newspaper
  • Hire a staff of reporters for the video based series.

History of Ministers

Minister Nostra

Frank Nostra was the very first Minister of Truth, he led his role with quiet dignity and respect for the post. His daily broadcast were vital to the proles in the early development of Victory City. His work ensured that all proles had a fair shot at learning the glory of Oceania.

Lord Jut

After choosing not to run again for the role of Great Leader, Lord Jut was assigned to the role of the Minister of Truth. Lord Jut was instrumental in the design and implantation of the latest series of educational posters and has been aggressively promoting ideals of unity, service to the state and the patriotism in the time of war against the evil state of Eastasia. Lord Jut was appointed during the rule of Lady Roro. The education program and the updating of the public information posters proudly demonstrate the tremendous knowledge that Oceania wishes to impart on it's citizenry.

Lady Roro

Lady Roro was selected to remain part of the leadership of Oceania in large part due to the tireless service she has provided. Lord Jut appointed her to the role of Minister of Truth and has since been a vocal leader of the division leading the development of the Times as well as new propaganda educational pieces to be displayed throughout the city.

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